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QUASR assays can be sold as research use only assays over the entire world.  Local country regulations and/or validation requirements may apply


Yes.  We have partnered with Applied InGENuity Diagnostics (www.applidx.com), a CLIA high-complexity lab in Orlando, Florida.  They have tested our assays using both contrived and clinical specimens

Our LAMP reagents are sold lyophilzed making shipping and storage easier.  They are also sold in small quantities in prealiquoted tubes

Our instruments are manufactured by EZDX and can be controlled by the EZDX app on the IOS appstore.

QUASR assays on average have a Time-To-Positivity in less than 15 minutes but this is variable based on the assay.  Sensitivity is dependent on where the threshold of positivity is set but in general QUASR assays are as senstive as LAMP or Taqman assays and can detect down to 10 genome copies/ml using fluoresce detection

Rapid Assay Development

Identify Pathogen

Our experts identify pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, or parasites, to target specific diagnostic needs.

QUASR Primer Design

Utilizing our proprietary primer design tool, QUASR primer sets are meticulously crafted to ensure optimal assay performance.

Analytical Testing

Assays undergo rigorous optimization for sensitivity and specificity to deliver accurate results.

Clinical Testing

Clinical performance testing validates the effectiveness and reliability of our assays in real-world scenarios.
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