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Meet the visionary team behind QUASR Diagnostics, pioneering accessible and rapid molecular diagnostics for healthcare, biothreats, and more.




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Dr. Maulik Shah:

A Pioneer in Molecular Diagnostics
As our CEO and CSO, Dr. Maulik Shah’s expertise in medical diagnostics and biotechnology business development has been pivotal. His work, in collaboration with SANDIA National Labs, has set the foundation for our cutting-edge platform technology. Dr. Shah’s passion and leadership continue to guide QUASR towards new horizons in healthcare.
“Our Mission: Advancing Molecular Diagnostics”
Dr. Maulik Shah

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize molecular diagnostics, making it accessible and affordable for all. We envision a future where every individual, regardless of location, has access to the best diagnostic tools for biothreats, veterinary diseases, and healthcare needs. Our commitment is to innovation, with assay technologies offering 95% sensitivity and specificity, ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Vision, Innovation, and Team

Ravi Bhosale,
Operations Manager
At QUASR Diagnostics, we’re driven by a vision to revolutionize molecular diagnostics through innovation at every level. Our state-of-the-art assays embody this spirit, designed to exceed current standards and adapt to both in-field and point-of-care applications.
Vasu Kandachar,
Senior Scientist

Innovating Diagnostics with QUASR Assays

Redefining Speed and Precision in Molecular Testing

Isothermal Technology:

A Leap Forward

Fast, Accurate, Simplified

QUASR assays utilize groundbreaking isothermal amplification, eliminating the need for complex thermal cycling. This means faster results without sacrificing accuracy, perfect for urgent diagnostics.

Universal Compatibility:

Boundless Applications

Adaptable Across Instruments

Designed for versatility, QUASR assays work seamlessly with everything from basic water baths to advanced RT-PCR machines. This adaptability ensures QUASR’s place in varied healthcare and research settings.

High-Throughput Automation:

Scaling Solutions

Massive Scale, Uncompromised Quality

With the capability for high-throughput automation, QUASR assays can process up to 96 samples every 30 minutes, offering unparalleled efficiency in large-scale testing scenarios.

Setting New


Innovation at Its Core

QUASR is not just advancing diagnostics; we’re transforming them. Our technology is the cornerstone of a new era in healthcare, where speed, precision, and scalability meet to create unparalleled solutions.

A Global Mission

Tailored for Urgency

Our respiratory panels and STI tests are designed for rapid deployment and high accuracy, meeting the urgent care needs of diverse populations. In battling diseases where every second counts, QUASR stands as a vital ally.

Reaching Every Corner

QUASR’s diagnostics solutions span across continents, bringing critical health testing to resource-limited settings. Our technology is a beacon of hope for areas where access to advanced diagnostics has traditionally been out of reach.

Innovation with a Heart

At QUASR, we believe in diagnostics without borders. Our commitment goes beyond technology, focusing on making a tangible difference in global health. We’re here to ensure that progress in healthcare benefits everyone, everywhere.


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