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QUASR Diagnostics offers cutting-edge molecular assays for infectious disease impacting agriculture, veterinary and human health. Discover our rapid, PCR-level precision technology.

Leading the Future of Molecular Diagnostics with QUASR

Revolutionizing Point-of-Care Testing with Advanced QUASR Technology

Why QUASR Diagnostics Is Your Trusted Partner in Molecular Testing


At QUASR Diagnostics,
we are at the forefront of molecular testing innovation, offering Turn-Key solutions that combine rapid results with lab-level precision.
Our QUASR assays
provide PCR-level sensitivity in a fraction of the time. Designed for both in-field and at-home testing, they ensure accurate results quickly and easily.

Utilizing advanced

Loop-Isotthermal Amplification Assay (LAMP) technology, QUASR assays amplify DNA/RNA at a constant temperature, making them both efficient and reliable.
QUASR’s technology
is not only cost-effective and user-friendly but also versatile, ideal for a range of settings from professional healthcare facilities to home use.



Advanced and Rapid Detection

QUASR’s Biothreat kits provide precise and rapid diagnostics, crucial for biological emergency response. For instance, their West Nile Virus detection kits offer reliable and swift results, essential for biosecurity.


Efficient COVID-19 Test Kits

QUASR’s COVID-19 test kits, like the “Advanced COVID-19 QUASR Assay Kits”, are known for their accuracy and speed, serving as key tools for public health management by enabling quick and reliable diagnostics.


Agricultural Diagnostic Tools

QUASR delivers diagnostic solutions for the agricultural sector, such as reference lab kits for plant and crop testing, aiding in disease prevention and productivity enhancement.


Animal Care Products

QUASR’s veterinary products, including reference kits, provide accurate diagnostics for various animal diseases, supporting animal care and well-being.


Healthcare Sector Solutions

QUASR offers a range of healthcare products, including kits for rapid disease detection like Chikungunya, facilitating efficient diagnosis and treatment.

Our Partners

Global Impact

At QUASR Diagnostics, our impact extends beyond borders, bringing advanced diagnostic solutions to global communities, including areas with limited resources.

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“As a healthcare provider in a remote area of Colombia, access to rapid and reliable diagnostic tools is a challenge. QUASR’s testing kits have been a breakthrough for us. Their ease of use and the quick, accurate results have vastly improved our ability to diagnose and treat diseases effectively. It’s remarkable how such technology can transform healthcare even in the most resource-limited settings. I am deeply grateful for QUASR’s impact on our community’s health.”
Jorge La Rosa
Medical Professional in Rural Colombia

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